Somnum, a faerie of forgotten dreams.

Everyone had a childhood dream. Naive and unconscious. Often we don’t even remember it. The awaken awareness claimed it to be «stupid», «impossible», «I can't» and only psychologists reach the deeps of our secret wishes to look at them like at an insect under magniglass, searching for substitutes or putting them in jars like trophies. A reverie became a delusion. Your childhood fantasies are now a long-forgotten dream. But they still wait for you to remember. They wait for your attention. All they need is a little love.

This tiny doll is 13cm high and weights only 8 grammes, but it has 15 full-movable joints. Her wrists and ankles width is only 3mm so drilling her long arms and legs is barely possible. I use solid polyurethane of highest quality so although this doll is miniature it is difficult to break her. Even her thin 0,5mm wide fingers. But I still kindly ask you to be careful and consider the pinpoint precision of the work!

You can order a custom Somnum with a colour choice of your own or pick one of the Ready to Buy in Shop>But them now! section.

Also a few ready dragons were added to the same section.

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