Nebo is a sky dragon, wise keeper of a moon's gleam and cloud halls.

I've made a unique, tender colours palette, but you can choose any colour from my work palette right here - link, or your colour of choice. If you choose the option "custom flat colour", or "custom glitter colour", or "custom chameleon colour", I will contact you to specify the colour and make samples for you. Please note that for the glittery colours I use special polyurethane that fits for this purpose, and it affects the tech process and price. If you aren't sure in what category your colour is - feel free to contact me via email: :)

Please note that I don't cast flat white dolls anymore.


Technical details:

Nebo has 77 details including horns, that can have a different colour from the body colour. 75 of details have a moveable connection, so Nebo can display almost any pose you wish! However this requires at least basic knowledge about ball jointed dolls.

His skin has a grainy texture to create a feeling of dragon skin.

Each doll includes glass eyes without pupils.

Length of the doll - almost 100cm (40 inch) from nose to tail tip. Height at standing - about 29cm (11 inch).

Producing time 70 work days.


If you want a painting /blushing to be done please contact me via e-mail to discuss the design and cost.


  • Shipping fee is $70, worldwide. I use EMS.

    And it's free, if your order is above $1200! You can save $70 by finding a friend to order with you ;)