Next preoder period will be opened in early 2020! Please, stay tuned! :)


A big, almost domestic dragon companion for you house. He is an essence of my bjd dragons making skills of 10 years work in this field. :)
Has 93 parts.

Comes in two sizes:
- Standart
~55 cm /21,6 inch
Max length ~1.5 metre / 5 ft
Weight is about 5 kg / 11lb.
- Big
~66 cm /26 inch
Max length ~1.8 metre / 6 ft
Weight is about 7 kg / 13lb.

Ordering aspects:
Creation of such a big dragon has it’s own special issues and takes a lot of time and space in the studio, so the ordering time is limited. I won’t be able to take more than 5 orders at a time so in the first order period there will be 5 places available. If you won’t be able to order at that time – don’t worry! You can order in the next period.

Order kit includes:
- dragon with wings and felt membranes (if ordered with wings), joints are rubbered from the inside for better posing; sanded and painted with a finish acrylics layer of your colour choice
- additional spike plugs to close the wing joints if used without wings
- eyes of your colour choice
- spare elastic
- spare hooks
- a small bottle with the acrylics of your dragon’s colour finish
- exploitation instruction
- certificate of authority

Every Antares will have it’s own little unique issue (for example a slightly different horn/spike shape, a tiny scar or birthmark) that make him one and only.
You can also suggest your own custom design of the horns/spikes/claws/tail tip for the add-cost. Contact me via e-mail for discussion.


Shipping fee:

Shipping fee worldwide is included in the cost.

Production period:
The production takes up to 90 work days.

Material special issues:
I use PLA, a bio-degradable non-toxic plastic. It has great durability qualities that surpass polyurethane resin. With 3d printing I’m able to make the details much lighter. This enables to minimise the joints’ stress and exclude the possibility of accidentally breaking them. Also that improves posing A LOT and that i find very important.

Custom painting/blushing:
Acrylics work great with PLA. It is convenient to paint, it sticks tightly and it is easy get off with acetone.
You can paint/blush your dragon yourself or order the additional blushing/painting for an add-cost.
The instruction for individual painting will be added here later.
When I make the painting I use several layers of high-quality professional varnish. It still requires accurate handling but nethertheless it is very durable and hard to scratch while joint movements.
The approximate costs for my painting/blushing services:
- “Hunter” – blushing horns, spikes, claws, tail $300 (painting like on promo photos)
-  “Sage” – custom painting based on your reference – from $300 (discussed individually)
- “Ultimate” – my designing based on your wishes (my sketching) + painting/blushing – from $350 (discussed individually)

Additional info:
This dragon demands at least a basic knowledge of ball jointed dolls’ structure. In several years you may need to change the elastics. Please make sure you can do it yourself or find a professional. All the information and the professionals may be found on special bjd dedicated websites and forums.
You can always contact me for any question arosed!
I give a lifelong guarantee on all of my dolls (except the painting/blushing). It means that if you ever accidentally break a part I’ll send you a new one.


$2,940.00 Regular Price
$2,646.00Sale Price
  • You can see some of the sample colours on the photos. You can choose one of them or contact me to discuss your own custom colour.

     I'll make a sample for you!